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HILIC-MS analysis of protein glycosylation using nonporous silica

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posted on 2019-01-16, 15:43 authored by Rachel E. JacobsonRachel E. Jacobson
The objective of this research is to develop and apply a HILIC UHPLC stationary phase that allows for separation of intact glycoproteins. In Chapter 1 I give an overview of the problems of current glycosylation profiling with regards to biotherapeutics, and my strategy to separate the intact glycoprotein with HILIC. Chapter 2 describes the methods used to produce the nonporous packing material and stationary phase. In Chapter 3 I describe previous work in developing a HILIC polyacrylamide stationary phase, and further improvements I have made. Chapter 4 describes development of an assay in collaboration with Genentech of therapeutic mAb glycosylation. In Chapter 5, I show HILIC-MS of digested ribonuclease B as a beginning step to analyze glycosylated biomarkers.


NIH grant 1R01GM121910-01


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