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Harmomic maps into Teichmuller spaces and superrigidity of mapping class groups

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posted on 2020-05-15, 02:20 authored by Ling XuLing Xu
In the first part of the present work, we will study the harmonic maps onto Teichm\"uller space. We will formulate a general Bochner type formula for harmonic maps into Teichm\"uller space. We will also prove the existence theorem of equivariant harmonic maps from a symmetric space with finite volume into its Weil-Petersson completion $\overline{\mathcal{T}}$, by deforming an almost finite energy map in the sense of Saper into a finite energy map.

In the second part of the work, we discuss the superrigidity of mapping class group. We will provide a geometric proof of both the high rank and the rank one superrigidity of mapping class groups due to Farb-Masur and Yeung.


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Doctor of Philosophy



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West Lafayette

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Sai Kee Yeung

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