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Heterogeneous Graph Based Neural Network for Social Recommendations with Balanced Random Walk Initialization

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posted on 2021-01-07, 15:58 authored by Amirreza SalamatAmirreza Salamat
Research on social networks and understanding the interactions of the users can be modeled as a task of graph mining, such as predicting nodes and edges in networks.Dealing with such unstructured data in large social networks has been a challenge for researchers in several years. Neural Networks have recently proven very successful in performing predictions on number of speech, image, and text data and have become the de facto method when dealing with such data in a large volume. Graph NeuralNetworks, however, have only recently become mature enough to be used in real large-scale graph prediction tasks, and require proper structure and data modeling to be viable and successful. In this research, we provide a new modeling of the social network which captures the attributes of the nodes from various dimensions. We also introduce the Neural Network architecture that is required for optimally utilizing the new data structure. Finally, in order to provide a hot-start for our model, we initialize the weights of the neural network using a pre-trained graph embedding method. We have also developed a new graph embedding algorithm. We will first explain how previous graph embedding methods are not optimal for all types of graphs, and then provide a solution on how to combat those limitations and come up with a new graph embedding method.


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