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Higher-order reasoning with graph data

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posted on 2022-07-29, 01:45 authored by Leonardo de Abreu CottaLeonardo de Abreu Cotta

Graphs are the natural framework of many of today’s highest impact computing applications: from online social networking, to Web search, to product recommendations, to chemistry, to bioinformatics, to knowledge bases, to mobile ad-hoc networking. To develop successful applications in these domains, we often need representation learning methods ---models mapping nodes, edges, subgraphs or entire graphs to some meaningful vector space. Such models are studied in the machine learning subfield of graph representation learning (GRL). Previous GRL research has focused on learning node or entire graph representations through associational tasks. In this work I study higher-order (k>1-node) representations of graphs in the context of both associational and counterfactual tasks.


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