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Holographic Sign Language Interpreter: A User Interaction Study within Mixed Reality Classroom

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posted on 2023-04-27, 00:10 authored by Fu Chia YangFu Chia Yang

An application was developed to explore user interactions with the holographic sign language interpreters within HoloLens MR classrooms for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) students. The proposed system aims to enhance DHH students’ learning efficacy. Despite the ongoing advancement of assistive technology and the trend to adopt Mixed Reality applications into education, not much existing research provides user study or design guidelines for HoloLens development targeting the DHH community. The developed HoloLens application projects a holographic American Sign Language (ASL) avatar that signs the lecture while a speaking instructor is teaching. The usability test focused on avatar manipulation (move, rotate, and resize) and avatar framing (full-body and half-body displays) within the MR classroom. A mixed-method approach was used to analyze quantitative and qualitative data through test recordings, surveys, and interviews. The result shows user preferences toward viewing holographic signing avatars in the MR space and user acceptability toward such applications


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