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Immersive Virtual Reality Training to Enhance Procedural Knowledge Retention

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posted on 2019-08-16, 17:20 authored by Jun ZhangJun Zhang
Immersive virtual reality (VR) technology has brought many new opportunities for training researchers and students. In the traditional training environment, trainees usually follow verbal instructions (lecture) or visual instructions (video tutorial, job manual) as certain training methods. For this research study, we not only tested how much procedural knowledge the trainees could learn from the VR training compared with traditional media training (video plus instruction manual), we also specifically focused on how well the knowledge could retain in a certain amount of time. The finding of this study shows that VR training can help trainees learn procedural knowledge, and also shows that VR training can help enhance procedural knowledge retention in terms of recall error. However, we did not find any significant difference in recall time between VR training group and traditional media training group.


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