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Impact of Diet on the KK-Ay Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes

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posted on 2024-06-03, 18:57 authored by Olivia Nicole ReulOlivia Nicole Reul

Diabetes has become an international health crisis with type 2 diabetes composing the majority of cases. Along with a variety of other systemic effects, type 2 diabetes increases fracture risk. This aspect of type 2 diabetes has become a topic of interest in preclinical research and has been investigated using rodent models of type 2 diabetes. Of these models, the Yellow Kuo Kondo (KK-Ay) mouse model has shown promise as an obese model of type 2 diabetes. In the KK-Ay model, mice heterozygous for a mutation in the agouti gene (Ay) are treated as an obese model of type 2 diabetes. Those that are homozygous (no mutation) are treated as non-diabetic, obese controls. While this model has been indicated to be non-diet dependent, recent data has revealed the efficacy of this model may be reliant on diet. Following approval from the Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis School of Science Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, mice of each sex and genotype were placed on separate diets. Half on a standard chow diet and the other half on a diet recommended by Jackson Laboratory for this strain. Animals were aged to 16 weeks of age with blood glucose and body weight monitored every other week. Animals were then sacrificed to collect whole blood, blood serum, the pancreas, bilateral tibiae, and bilateral femora. End-point metabolic impacts were assessed through hemoglobin A1c and serum insulin measures while skeletal measures were quantified using microcomputed tomography scanning and analysis. Through this research, it was determined diet did have a significant impact on the skeletal and metabolic phenotype associated with type 2 diabetes in the KK-Ay model.


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