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Impacts of Pornography Acceptance and Use on Self-esteem, Sexual Satisfaction, and Overall Relationship Satisfaction

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posted on 2019-12-10, 20:18 authored by Alexandra L GillespieAlexandra L Gillespie
Using a Structural Equation Modeling Approach, this study examines the relationship between pornography acceptance and frequency of use and self-esteem, sexual satisfaction, and overall relationship satisfaction. Almost all published studies prior to the present study have only measured pornography acceptance or frequency of use. This study is to help contribute to the literature of understanding pornography through measuring pornography acceptance and frequency of use. The model was run overall and based on gender as previous literature had indicated differences in sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction with the use of pornography. It was expected that acceptance and more frequent use of pornography would positively predict self-esteem for men but negatively predict self-esteem for women. It was also expected that acceptance of pornography use would positively predict sexual satisfaction for men and negatively predict sexual satisfaction for women. Additionally, it was expected that higher self-esteem and higher sexual satisfaction will lead to a higher level of relationship satisfaction. Results indicated frequency of pornography use resulted in increased self-esteem for men and not for women. Findings also highlighted that acceptance of pornography resulted in decreased self-esteem for men but not for women. Results showed that acceptance of pornography use positively predicted sexual satisfaction for both men and women. Self-esteem as impacted by pornography was found to have no significant relationship with relationship satisfaction although sexual satisfaction was positively related to relationship satisfaction


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