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Improvement of Structured Light Systems Using Computer Vision Techniques

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posted on 2020-05-02, 03:20 authored by Yaan ZhangYaan Zhang

In this thesis work, we propose computer vision techniques for 3D reconstruction and object height measurement using a single camera and multi-laser emitters, which have an intersection on the projected image plane. Time-division and color division methods are first investigated for our structured light system. Although the color division method offers better accuracy for object height measurement, it requires the laser emitters equipped with different color lights. Furthermore, the color division method is sensitive to light exposure in the measurement environment. Next, a new multi-level random sample consensus (MLRANSAC) algorithm has been developed. The proposed MLRANSAC method not only offers high accuracy for object height measurement but also eliminates the requirement for the laser emitters with different colors. Our experiment results have validated the effectiveness of the MLRANSAC algorithm.


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