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Innovations for improved chemical imaging and optical manipulation in biological systems

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posted on 2024-03-13, 18:07 authored by Matthew G ClarkMatthew G Clark

This thesis describes advancements in both chemical imaging and optical manipulation methodologies for their application in tandem monitoring and control of biochemical processes. We developed a fast acquisition multimodal nonlinear imaging platform based on pulse-picking to minimize photoperturbation to the sample during imaging. By frequency doubling the imaging source, through acousto-optic modulation and simple comparator circuitry, we developed a comprehensive platform that uses chemical specific signals generated during imaging to control the pixel location for laser activation for reaction control. This feedback loop allows for advanced decision logic on a pixel by pixel basis.


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  • Doctor of Philosophy


  • Chemistry

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  • West Lafayette

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Chi Zhang

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Garth Simpson

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Shalini Low-Nam

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Michael Reppert