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Integration of Ferroelectricity into Advanced 3D Germanium MOSFETs for Memory and Logic Applications

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posted on 2019-11-20, 16:34 authored by Wonil ChungWonil Chung
Germanium-based MOS device which is considered as one of the promising alternative channel materials has been studied with well-known FinFET, nanowire structures and HKMG (High-k metal gate). Recent introduction of Ferroelectric (FE) Zr-doped HfO2 (HfxZr1-xO2, HZO) has opened various possibilities both in memory and logic

First, integration of FE HZO into the conventional Ge platform was studied to demonstrate Ge FeFET. The FE oxide was deposited with optimized atomic layer deposition (ALD) recipe by intermixing HfO2 and ZrO2. The HZO film was characterized with FE tester, XRD and AR-XPS. Then, it was integrated into conventional gate stack of Ge devices to demonstrate Ge FeFETs. Polarization switching was measured with ultrafast measurement set-up down to 100 ps.

Then, HZO layer was controlled for the first demonstration of hysteresis-free Ge negative capacitance (NC) CMOS FinFETs with sub-60mV/dec SS bi-directionally at room temperature towards possible logic applications. Short channel effect in Ge NCFETs were compared with our reported work to show superior robustness. For smaller widths that cannot be directly written by the e-beam lithography tool, digital etching on Ge fins were optimized.
Lastly, Ge FeFET-based synaptic device for neuromorphic computing was demonstrated. Optimum pulsing schemes were tested for both potentiation and depression which resulted in highly linear and symmetric conductance pro files. Simulation was done to analyze Ge FeFET's role as a synaptic device for deep neural network.


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