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Interactive Design Interfaces to support Ideation & Rapid Prototyping

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posted on 2021-12-19, 17:34 authored by Devashri Utpal VagholkarDevashri Utpal Vagholkar
Generating ideas and creating prototypes of physical products is a highly non-linear and iterative process. Current tools divide this process into multiple discrete steps with different tools to support each of these steps such as CAD modelling, simulation and fabrication. We believe, design interfaces that combine different steps of the process and create different layers of abstraction depending on the type of the user and where they are in the process can support users in generating more creative ideas and creating better functioning prototypes more efficiently. In order to validate this, we developed three interfaces- a sketch-based ideation tool, a live programming interface to create IoT devices and a design tool to support design and fabrication of hand wearables. The foundation of these design interfaces is the layer of abstraction that allows users to focus on idea generation and converting it into a tangible prototype with little or no technical knowledge, and a continuous visual feedback that guides the user to make necessary changes to improve their design. The three tools were evaluated through user testing for supporting creation of different ideas and converting them into functional prototypes.


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