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Internet of Things Architecture Design and Implementation for Immersive Interfaces

posted on 2022-09-09, 15:04 authored by Javier BelmonteJavier Belmonte
The coming of the Internet of things (IoT) has enabled manufacturers, teachers, machine operators, makers, and researchers to design and use new workflows, fabricate parts efficiently and effectively, and interact with systems and devices in ways that were not possible before.
These networked systems have changed the way in which input is received from and data is outputted to humans. Context-awareness and autonomy are characteristics of these devices that result in automated processes, faster production times, and more intuitive interfaces. Direct manipulation is an intuitive and natural human-computer interaction (HCI) that enables its users an easy and fast learning.
In this thesis, an Internet of things architecture is designed and implemented to enable control and data visualization in machines and devices through immersive interfaces using direct manipulation. The proposed architecture and interfaces are tested and validated approaching three different categories of systems; namely, systems that need to be modified to be IoT ready, systems that are IoT ready, and systems that have not yet been constructed. For the latter case, a custom system has been made to evaluate and test the whole architecture and its implementation. The knowledge acquired in developing this architecture and the design rationale behind the development of immersive interfaces, are summarized and presented as a series of guidelines and recommendations for IoT systems manufacturers to follow to include immersive interfaces in their designs.


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