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Interoperability Enhancement at Remote Locations using Thread Protocol with UAVs

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posted on 2019-01-17, 13:58 authored by Sivateja Reddy VangimallaSivateja Reddy Vangimalla
In 21st century, interoperability in remote locations has always been a matter of contention. Interoperability is very closely related to internet and an efficient process saves a lot of time and money. With the advent of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Native Internet Protocol (NIP) is considered as one of the most pragmatic solutions in market to address interoperability challenges and is gaining more attention in research. However, challenges like reliability, security of data, power consumption, range and maintenance, and accessibility of such internet in remote locations still remain a matter of concern, creating further barriers for interoperability. This research aims at proposing a viable solution to interoperability issues at remote locations, irrespective of its network or payload size, by integrating more advanced Wireless Sensor Protocols like Thread Protocol with a proposed Over The Air (OTA) file transfer functionality, into UAVs. Furthermore, this study analyzes power consumption, reliability, latency and scope of the proposed system and their applications in health care and industries.


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