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Investigation of Transparent Photovoltaic Vehicle Integration

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posted on 2021-07-20, 19:25 authored by Zachary Craig SchreiberZachary Craig Schreiber
The pursuit to combat climate change continues, identifying new methods and technologies for sustainable energy management. Automakers continue developing battery electric vehicles while researchers identify new applications and materials for solar photovoltaics. The continued advancement of technology creates new holes within literature, requiring investigation to understand the unknown. Photovoltaic vehicle integration gained popularity during the 1970s but did not commercialize due to technology, economics, and other factors. By 2021 the idea resurfaced, showcasing commercial and concept vehicles utilizing photovoltaics. The emergence of new transparent photovoltaics presents additional options for vehicle integration but lacks literature analyzing the energy output and economics. The theoretical analysis investigated transparent photovoltaic replacing a vehicle’s windows. The investigation found that transparent photovoltaic vehicle integration generates energy and financial savings. However, due to high system costs and location, the system does not provide a financial payback period like other photovoltaic arrays. Improving cost, location, and other financial parameters create more favorable circumstances for the photovoltaic system. Furthermore, transparent photovoltaics provide energy saving benefits and some return on investment compared to regular glass windows.


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