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IoT Wireless Communication Based on Optical Frequency Identification for Object Detection and Tracking

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posted on 2023-12-12, 21:06 authored by Diana Alejandra NarvaezDiana Alejandra Narvaez

Due to the rapidly evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), efficient
communication solutions are increasingly sought after. The thesis delves into
the development and validation of two optical communication systems (IDC,
2021). Capitalizing on the benefits of Optical Wireless Communication (OWC)
and Optical Frequency Identification(OFID), two innovative optical systems are
introduced: a single-pixel OFID optical reader and a computer vision-based
communication system that utilizes an OLED tag, a camera, and a laptop as a
reader. These systems are designed to surpass the challenges associated with
existing technologies like RFID and Bluetooth, offering enhancements in
security, privacy, and autonomy through the integration of energy harvesting
technologies. Moreover, the practical application of these systems in real-world
settings, such as animal and object identification, highlight their versatility
and potential for diverse IoT applications. The prototypes presented were
systematically developed and subjected to a series of evaluations to assess their
performance. These tests focused on measuring the communication distance
achieved, the power consumption of the devices, and the accuracy of data
transmission. The experiments demonstrated the technical feasibility of the
systems in real IoT environments, affirming their effectiveness in overcoming
distance limitations and energy efficiency challenges and providing an
alternative solution for accurate data transmission in environments where radio
communications cannot operate. These findings underscore the significance and
applicability of optical communications.


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