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Ion Mobility Spectrometry: Optimization of Parameters in Collision Cross Sections and Trace Detection of Explosives

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posted on 2019-01-17, 14:41 authored by Tianyang WuTianyang Wu
Ion mobility spectrometry is a powerful technique for the study related to molecule. The work of tow major applications are introduced in this paper. The first application is the optimization of parameters in CCS. The accurate calculation of the collision cross section for multiple molecules is a long-time interested topic in the research for substances detection in micro scale. No reliable analytical approach to calculate the collision cross section has been established to date. Different approaches rely on different mechanism will provide different results in significant extent. This work introduce a method for the determination of parameters in the Lennard Jones potential. Experimental data combined with numerical computation was the fundamental strategy during the optimization of the parameters. In the experiment, electrospray is used as the ion source of IMS while a nebulizer was utilized to electrify the aromatic compounds. New parameters show no less accuracy and equal efficiency while can explain the physical meaning of the collision more clearly. The second application is the trace detection of explosives with very low concentration. The detection of explosives is an important topic in security, while the detection will be difficult due to the low vapor pressure of explosives. In this work, two types of devices are designed for the trace detection of explosives at an extremely low concentration. TNT is selected as the explosives in the experiment. The experiment succeed to reach a sensitivity of 1 part per quintillion, and even find out a linear relationship between the logarithm of TNT concentration and TNT vapor pressure.


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