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Let it Go: A Critical Comparative Analysis of the Modern-Day Female Protagonist Based on Disney's Frozen and Frozen II

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posted on 2020-12-16, 18:10 authored by Hannah G Scheffer-WentzHannah G Scheffer-Wentz

This thesis is a comparative content analysis of the modern-day female protagonists represented in Disney’s newest and highest grossing film series, Frozen and Frozen II. As one of the few major media companies that have captivated a global audience, Disney has supplied fantasy princess narratives for over 80 years. With the new addition of Disney+, classic and modern princess films alike are now available for instant streaming. As the sample represents the newest films in the post-transitional wave of the Disney Princess line, this study aims to reveal what messages are being projected to young, impressionable audiences around the world. Between the third wave of feminism and rising conversations of gender roles and communication, Disney Princess films in particular have been the subject of many conversations and criticisms. Using content analysis methodology with each film, the data identifies gender roles, conflict resolution, and common themes between the six main characters: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, the King, and the Queen.


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