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Leto: A Work-life Balance System Designed for Mothers in Dual-earner Families

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posted on 2021-06-01, 00:33 authored by Yunran JuYunran Ju
This project aims to build a system that helps users achieve a delicate work-life balance and decrease stress. Evidence shows that most dual-earner families currently live in multitasking contexts. The increase of multitasking behaviors and experiences among working mothers has led to negative emotions, stress, and work-family conflict. Studies have confirmed that balancing work and family is challenging for parents. After the COVID-19 pandemic, work-life balance became more challenging to achieve. Due to gender inequality, research shows that telecommuting mothers report feelings of depression and anxiety much more than fathers. The study highlights work-life conflict experiences with working mothers through qualitative and quantitative approaches involving specific numbers of interviews and online surveys. Based on research, I developed the system Leto, an application and product design to help mothers in dual-earner families build a better inner and outer system. Further, the design combines functions of the mother community, reminders, customized schedules, and a stress reliever. The design outcome was prototyped and assessed through a heuristic evaluation.


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