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MRI Integrated Systems for Multimodal Imaging

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posted on 2021-12-10, 03:33 authored by Ranajay MandalRanajay Mandal
In recent years, development of various imaging, recording and stimulation tools are rapidly advancing our knowledge of the human anatomy and its underlying interconnections. As a truly non-invasive tool, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), is creating new opportunities to understand large scale biological processes with a fine detail. Furthermore, novel materials and microfabrication techniques are allowing researchers to develop tools that record bio-signal or modulate complex physiology with high temporal precision. However, these tools, when used individually can elucidate only a partial view of the human body and the brain. There is a growing need in both the research and clinical community to find ways to perform these modalities together and visualize biological systems across a vast range of spatiotemporal scale. However, severe methodological challenges act as bottlenecks for any such multimodal integration.

To address this critical need, I have designed an MRI-safe platform for high-fidelity bio-signal recording and electrical stimulation during concurrent MRI imaging. Central to this system are novel miniaturized microelectronic devices, that operate wirelessly in synchrony with MRI scans. The system leverages surplus functionalities of a conventional scanner to integrate with the imaging system and provide a simple and inexpensive solution towards multimodal imaging. This work also describes a systematic approach for development and evaluation of this plug-and-play system through in-vivo experiments in animal models. The clinical relevance of the multimodal imaging platform was further showcased through a study on the mechanism of SUDEP (Sudden death in epilepsy), a terminal complication associated with epilepsy. With future refinements, I expect this platform will provide affordable, accessible, and reliable solutions for multimodal imaging in animals and humans, creating unique opportunities for basic scientific research and clinical diagnosis.




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