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posted on 2022-12-08, 19:54 authored by Tyler Alexander WitzigTyler Alexander Witzig


Knot tying boards are low fidelity surgical simulators used to practice tying suture, but devices on the market currently provide no feedback and no way of changing out bands. A simple-to-use knot tying board with interchangeable bands capable of measuring force was designed. This board is comparable in cost to products currently available on the market. The knot tying board was then prototyped and tested. Four MD students completed trials of one-handed and two-handed knot tying with three throws per trail. In testing, the knot tying board was capable of measuring force data, such as peak force during knot tying and the final force the knot exerts on the bands. The device used in conjunction with experienced surgical skills coaches could prove a powerful tool for providing feedback to trainees, and a similar approach could be used with other low fidelity surgical simulators to improve feedback.


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