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MedSupply Network: An Integrated Logistical Marketplace System for Buyers and Sellers in the Medical Supply Industry

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posted on 2024-06-22, 03:53 authored by Jessica Alice ChenJessica Alice Chen

In response to the need for a modernized platform in the medical device industry, this thesis introduces the design of a comprehensive digital B2B (business to business) marketplace. The objective is to provide buyers with a user-friendly interface for streamlined purchases and communication with sellers, while empowering sellers with tools to expand their reach and simplify operations. The methodology involved a combination of on-site case studies, literature reviews, industry research, and user surveys to inform the design process. Through the use of wireframing and user interface design, a cohesive two-part digital service was developed to meet the specific needs of both buyers and sellers effectively.

The results demonstrate a successful integration of buyer-centric features for enhanced purchasing and seller-centric tools for efficient order fulfillment. For buyers, the marketplace offers an easy-to-navigate interface, transparent pricing, and improved communication channels with sellers. For sellers, it provides a platform to showcase products, manage inventory, and engage with potential buyers. The practical implications of this marketplace highlight the current lack of transparency in pricing and the potential benefits for both buyers and sellers through increased control and direct sales opportunities. By enabling manufacturers to market their products directly, the marketplace offers a solution to reliance on third-party sellers, ultimately enhancing efficiency and transparency in the medical device procurement process.


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