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Mesoscale Interactions in Porous Electrodes

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posted on 2019-06-11, 16:01 authored by Aashutosh MistryAashutosh Mistry
Despite the central importance of porous electrodes to any advanced electrochemical system, there is no clear answer to “How to make the best electrode?”. The source of ambiguity lies in the incomplete understanding of convoluted material interactions at smaller – difficult to observe length and timescales. Such mesoscopic interactions, however, abide by the fundamental physical principles such as mass conservation. The porous electrodes are investigated in such a physics-based setting to comprehend the interplay among structural arrangement and off-equilibrium processes. As a result, a synergistic approach exploiting the complementary characteristics of controlled experiments and theoretical analysis emerges to allow mechanistic insights into the associated mesoscopic phenomena. The potential of this philosophy is presented by investigating three distinct electrochemical systems with their unique peculiarities.


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