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Modeling Architectures and Parameterization of Spacecraft with Application to Persistent Platforms

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posted on 2020-07-31, 19:11 authored by Melanie L GrandeMelanie L Grande
The methods presented in this thesis follow the three-phase process for System-of-Systems Engineering (SoSE): Definition, Abstraction, and Implementation. It begins with problem definition, then identification of stakeholders and value measures, and then proceeds to value and cost analysis using the Modeling Architectures and Parameterization of Space (MAPS) environment, which was created for this thesis. Each of the methods are applied to the case study of a persistent platform in low-Earth orbit. In the case study, over 18,000 architectures were analyzed to determine the design characteristics that best balanced value and cost.

Several strategies for demonstrating On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) technologies in orbit have been presented to the public over time, but this thesis has defined physical architecture design options and relevant value measures. In addition, the full SoSE process was applied to an OSAM concept for the first time. This work is therefore a significant step towards providing future insight to decision makers. The dialogue on these topics and the SoSE methods should be valuable to a future OSAM market and other new ventures in the space industry.


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