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Modeling Boundary Effect Problems of Heterogeneous Structures by Extending Mechanics of Structure Genome

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posted on 2019-06-10, 17:19 authored by Bo PengBo Peng
First, the theory of MSG is extended to aperiodic heterogeneous solid structures. Integral constraints are introduced to decompose the displacements and strains of the heterogeneous material into a fluctuating part and a macroscopic part, of which the macroscopic part represents the responses of the homogenized material. One advantage of this theory is that boundary conditions are not required. Consequently, it is capable of handling micro-structures of arbitrary shapes. In addition, periodic constraints can be incorporated into this theory as needed to model periodic or partially periodic materials such as textile composites. In this study, the newly developed method is employed to investigate the finite thickness effect of textile composites.

Second, MSG is enabled to deal with Timoshenko beam-like structures with spanwise heterogeneity, which provide higher accuracy than the previous available Euler–Bernoulli beam model. Its reduced form, the MSG beam cross sectional analysis, is found to be able to analyze generalized free-edge problems with arbitrary layups and subjected to general loads. In this method, the only assumption applied is that the laminate is long enough so that the Saint-Venant principle can be adopted. There is no limitation on the cross section of the laminate since no ad hoc assumption is involved with the microstructure geometry. This method solve the free-edge problem from a multiscale simulation point of view.


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