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Modeling Thermochemical Nonequilibrium Processes and Flow Field Simulations of Spark-Induced Plasma

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posted on 2020-04-24, 17:02 authored by Julien Keith Louis BrillonJulien Keith Louis Brillon
This study is comprised of two separate parts: (1) modeling thermochemical nonequilibrium processes, and (2) flow field simulations of spark-induced plasma. In the first part, the methodology and literature for modeling thermochemical nonequilibrium processes in partially ionized air is presented and implemented in a zero-dimensional solver, termed as NEQZD. The solver was verified for a purely reacting flow case as well as two thermochemical nonequilibrium flow cases. A three-temperature electron-electronic model for thermochemical nonequilibrium partially ionizing air mixture was implemented and demonstrated the ability to capture additional physics compared to the legacy two-temperature model through the inclusion of electronic energy nonequilibrium. In the second part of this work, full scale axisymmetric simulations of the flow field produced by the abrupt heat release of spark-induced plasma were presented and analyzed for two electrode configurations. The heat release was modeled based on data from experiments and assumed that all electrical power supplied to the electrodes is converted to thermal energy. It was found that steeper electrode walls lead to a greater region of hot gas, a stronger shock front, and slightly larger vortices.





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