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Multi Sensor Multi Object Tracking in Autonomous Vehicles

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posted on 2019-12-06, 18:10 authored by Surya Kollazhi ManghatSurya Kollazhi Manghat
Self driving cars becoming more popular nowadays, which transport with it's own intelligence and take appropriate actions at adequate time. Safety is the key factor in driving environment. A simple fail of action can cause many fatalities. Computer Vision has major part in achieving this, it help the autonomous vehicle to perceive the surroundings. Detection is a very popular technique in helping to capture the surrounding for an autonomous car. At the same time tracking also has important role in this by providing dynamic of detected objects. Autonomous cars combine a variety of sensors such as RADAR, LiDAR, sonar, GPS, odometry and inertial measurement units to perceive their surroundings. Driver-assistive technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning system (FCW) and Collision Mitigation by Breaking (CMbB) ensure safety while driving.
Perceiving the information from environment include setting up sensors on the car. These sensors will collect the data it sees and this will be further processed for taking actions. The sensor system can be a single sensor or multiple sensor. Different sensors have different strengths and weaknesses which makes the combination of them important for technologies like Autonomous Driving. Each sensor will have a limit of accuracy on it's readings, so multi sensor system can help to overcome this defects. This thesis is an attempt to develop a multi sensor multi object tracking method to perceive the surrounding of the ego vehicle. When the Object detection gives information about the presence of objects in a frame, Object Tracking goes beyond simple observation to more useful action of monitoring objects. The experimental results conducted on KITTI dataset indicate that our proposed state estimation system for Multi Object Tracking works well in various challenging environments.


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