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posted on 2021-03-01, 21:33 authored by Fang GaoFang Gao

The overarching objective in undertaking this study is to examine the impact of the implementation of EGP and ESP program for ESP teachers in China, to explore into tertiary-level ESP teachers’ transformative learning experiences as well as the personal, institutional and societal factors that either facilitate or constrain such transformation. I employed narrative inquiry as the research methodology to reflect teachers’ profound transformative learning experiences from story collections through co-construction and collaboration with participant teachers in all phases of research. Five ESP teachers’ unique trajectories mirror their unique learning and professional development roadmap.

Through detailed examination, I concluded that teachers stepped into the new territory of ESP instruction with various degrees of hesitation and resistance. Their non-linear transformative learning experiences shed lights on the uncertainty and struggles they confronted along the journey, and demonstrate how teachers hold their own stance adjusting the complex instructional ecosystem to enhance their potential success being as an ESP instructor.

The significance of this study lies in the exploration of ESP teachers’ transformative learning from a critical perspective. By taking into consideration the essence of a teacher as an adult learner, this study will not only break through the existing studies’ inadequate attention to teacher’s transformative learning, but also emphasizes the value of teacher learning for their own transformation, emancipation and professional advancement.


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