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Navigating Extremes: Advancing 3D-IC with Flexible Glass for Harsh Environments

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posted on 2024-06-17, 17:22 authored by Joo Min KimJoo Min Kim

The rapid evolution of semiconductor technology, driven by the limitations of Moore's Law, necessitates innovative approaches to enhance device performance and miniaturization. This thesis explores the advancement of three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-ICs) using flexible glass-based substrates, focusing on their application in extreme environments. Flexible glass emerges as a promising material for 3D-IC packaging due to its superior electrical insulation, thermal stability, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. These properties are critical for maintaining device reliability and functionality under harsh conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, and radiation. Their unique properties make them particularly suited for applications in aerospace, military, and automotive industries, where electronics must endure severe operational environments. The research presented in this thesis provides a comprehensive examination of the processes involved in fabricating flexible glass-based 3D-ICs, detailing methodologies for integrating semiconductor components onto a flexible glass substrate using common platform technology (CPT). This approach ensures compatibility across diverse systems and enhances the scalability and cost-effectiveness of 3D-IC solutions. Experimental results indicate that 3D-ICs incorporating flexible glass substrates exhibit enhanced functionality and durability. This study underscores the transformative potential of flexible glass in revolutionizing the design and performance of future electronic systems, ensuring their operability and longevity in demanding settings. By addressing the challenges of traditional packaging materials, flexible glass represents a significant advancement in 3D-IC technology, promising to broaden the operational landscape of electronic devices and change how they are deployed across various high-stakes fields.


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