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Number of Sexual Partners Predicting Self-Esteem, Sexual Satisfaction, and Sexual Self-Efficacy

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posted on 2019-12-10, 20:24 authored by Crystal B NiemeyerCrystal B Niemeyer

The present study predicted that gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, and sexual debut would have an impact on number of sexual partners, which would then affect self-esteem, sexual satisfaction, and sexual self-efficacy. Through an online survey, participants anonymously responded to statements related to these concepts in order to test relationships among demographics and the number of sexual partners as well as among the number of sexual partners and self-esteem, sexual satisfaction, and sexual self-efficacy. Overall, men were much more influenced by their relationship status and number of sexual partners than women, implying that the men are still affected by the sexual double standard through the praise they receive for having many sexual partners.


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