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posted on 2020-07-28, 18:19 authored by Chenliang HuangChenliang Huang
We describe a reproduction procedure which, given a solution of the gl(m|n) Gaudin Bethe ansatz equation associated to a tensor product of polynomial modules, produces a family P of other solutions called the population.
To a population we associate a rational pseudodifferential operator R and a superspace W of rational functions.

We show that if at least one module is typical then the population P is canonically identified with the set of minimal factorizations of R and with the space of full superflags in W. We conjecture that the singular eigenvectors (up to rescaling) of all gl(m|n) Gaudin Hamiltonians are in a bijective correspondence with certain superspaces of rational functions.

We establish a duality of the non-periodic Gaudin model associated with superalgebra gl(m|n) and the non-periodic Gaudin model associated with algebra gl(k).

The Hamiltonians of the Gaudin models are given by expansions of a Berezinian of an (m+n) by (m+n) matrix in the case of gl(m|n)
and of a column determinant of a k by k matrix in the case of gl(k). We obtain our results by proving Capelli type identities for both cases and comparing the results.

We study solutions of the Bethe ansatz equations of the non-homogeneous periodic XXX model associated to super Yangian Y(gl(m|n)).
To a solution we associate a rational difference operator D and a superspace of rational functions W. We show that the set of complete factorizations of D is in canonical bijection with the variety of superflags in W and that each generic superflag defines a solution of the Bethe ansatz equation. We also give the analogous statements for the quasi-periodic supersymmetric spin chains.


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