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posted on 2023-05-31, 12:39 authored by Liya Elizabeth KoshyLiya Elizabeth Koshy

The Energy Monitoring Framework, designed and developed by IAC, IUPUI, aims to provide a cloud-based solution that combines business analytics with sensors for real-time energy management at the plant level using wireless sensor network technology.

The project provides a platform where users can analyze the functioning of a plant using sensor data. The data would also help users to explore the energy usage trends and identify any energy leaks due to malfunctions or other environmental factors in their plant. Additionally, the users could check the machinery status in their plant and have the capability to control the equipment remotely.

The main objectives of the project include the following:

  • Set up a wireless network using sensors and smart implants with a base station/ controller.
  • Deploy and connect the smart implants and sensors with the equipment in the plant that needs to be analyzed or controlled to improve their energy efficiency.
  • Set up a generalized interface to collect and process the sensor data values and store the data in a database.
  • Design and develop a generic database compatible with various companies irrespective of the type and size.
  •  Design and develop a web application with a generalized structure. Hence the database can be deployed at multiple companies with minimum customization. The web app should provide the users with a platform to interact with the data to analyze the sensor data and initiate commands to control the equipment.

The General Structure of the project constitutes the following components:

  • A wireless sensor network with a base station.
  • An Edge PC, that interfaces with the sensor network to collect the sensor data and sends it out to the cloud server. The system also interfaces with the sensor network to send out command signals to control the switches/ actuators.
  • A cloud that hosts a database and an API to collect and store information.
  • A web application hosted in the cloud to provide an interactive platform for users to analyze the data.

The project was demonstrated in:

  • Lecture Hall (https://iac-lecture-hall.engr.iupui.edu/LectureHallFlask/).
  • Test Bed (https://iac-testbed.engr.iupui.edu/testbedflask/).
  • A company in Indiana.

The above examples used sensors such as current sensors, temperature sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, and pressure sensors to set up the sensor network. The equipment was controlled using compactable switch nodes with the chosen sensor network protocol. The energy consumption details of each piece of equipment were measured over a few days. The data was validated, and the system worked as expected and helped the user to monitor, analyze and control the connected equipment remotely.


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