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Perception of Embodiment in Immersive Virtual Experiences: An Exploratory Study

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posted on 2020-12-15, 21:08 authored by Patrick M TeallPatrick M Teall

The technology availability and hype of virtual reality has intersected as of 2016, bringing a lot of attention to virtual reality (VR) games. The research into this technology has been ongoing since its early exploration in the 1970’s. Methods have been created to try to understand and predict what causes phenomena such as motion and simulator sickness in the human computer interaction devices. Heuristics have been developed to aid the design these applications and to avoid such discomforting circumstances. Concepts and their continued exploration have been growing to improve the experience of virtual reality technology and continue the expanding imagination of what is capable with this technology. All the tools are available to create highly immersive virtual experiences, but it is up to the interpretant, the user to decide how believable, immersive and enjoyable these experiences are. By conducting an interview study on a part of the VR gaming community, more can be understood about the success and failure of immersive design by exploring the experiences of certain highly immersive games. This study takes the opportunity to listen to gamers as a means of highlighting significant key challenges and characteristics creating immersive VR games. By evaluating transcripts via thematic analysis, themes were created to understand and categorize the various aspects that are most important to the immersion and embodiment in VR games. This study and themes drawn from it reflect on the experiences and feelings of experienced VR gamers in the context of role-playing games.




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