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Perspectives of Marriage and Family Therapy Professionals in Different Professional Roles Regarding Dissemination of Research

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posted on 2020-12-16, 18:03 authored by Adrian S WeldonAdrian S Weldon

The purpose of this study was to examine the values Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) clinicians and researchers hold regarding effective dissemination strategies. Professional role was measured using self-report. Using Carnine’s three gaps in dissemination as a foundation, a questionnaire was created to measure perspectives about dissemination strategies. It was hypothesized that clinicians would value accessibility and usability more highly, whereas researchers would value trustworthiness more highly. Clinicians were also hypothesized to perceive current dissemination strategies as less effective. Subjects were recruited for an online study through social media and online correspondence with MFT programs, yielding 38 subjects. An exploratory factor analysis found that the questionnaire scales did not measure the constructs as originally intended. New constructs were created using the results of the factor analysis. A General Linear Model was used to determine if participants’ ratings on these new scales differed based on professional role. No significant results were found, indicating that researchers and clinicians have similar attitudes about effective dissemination strategies. Qualitative questions were also coded in order to find common themes answering why dissemination is important, how dissemination strategies are currently being used, and what barriers are still present in the dissemination process. The implications for clinical work and research are explored. Limitations and future directions are also discussed.


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