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Possibilities and Limitations of Analytics for Efficiencies in Project Management

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posted on 2021-12-18, 20:01 authored by Sarosh IqbalSarosh Iqbal
This study aimed to identify if data and analytics are, or can be, meaningfully and extensively used for improving efficiencies in project management. The research problem was addressed using a survey, involving capture, collection, analysis and interpretation of qualitative (and some quantitative) data obtained from industry practitioners of project management.

The study was completed in two important parts. First was the laying of groundwork which involved questionnaire planning and design to ensure coverage, completeness, relevance, usefulness, and logical (and where pertinent, statistical) validity of the answers for performing analysis and drawing inferences. The second part was the actual analysis of the survey results, and compilation of the research details into this written report with a conclusion (my M.S. thesis).

The survey was mainly in the form of multiple-choice questions, along with two free form text boxes to glean additional insights from comments and notes that structured questions with fixed choices for answers could not have easily elicited.


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