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Progress toward a novel model system to investigate fungal endophytic suppression of human pathogens in spinach

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posted on 2019-06-11, 17:38 authored by Justin S GoldayJustin S Golday
This work describes progress toward developing a model system to investigate in plantae suppression of human pathogens by Stemphylium-like fungal endophyte strains.


Purdue University Northwest Interdisciplinary Award: Chemical Characterization of E. coli Suppressing Metabolites from an Endophytic Stemphylium Spinach Isolate, PNW College of Science. Co-PIs: Lindsay Gielda, Scott Bates, Dawit Gizachew, and Libbie Pelter; Period 20172018


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  • Master of Science


  • Biological Sciences

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Scott Bates

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Lindsay Gielda

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Curtis Creighton