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Quantitative Analysis of Tomographic Imaging for Multiphase Fields

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posted on 2020-06-23, 18:19 authored by Deepti GnanaseelanDeepti Gnanaseelan

Multiphase fields find wide applications in the fields of combustion, sprays, turbomachinery, heating and cooling systems, blasts, energetic materials, and several more areas of engineering interest. As the efficiency and performance of these systems depend heavily on the underlying multiphase field, studying their intricate structural features becomes important. The current study follows the development of a three-dimensional Wide-Angle Relay Plenoptic (WARP) imaging system with two image quadruplers for the tomographic imaging of multiphase fields. 3D printed targets were used to simulate both semi-transparent as well as opaque particle fields to emulate multiphase systems. Tomographic reconstruction of the targets was performed using the iterative MART reconstruction algorithm in a commercial image processing software. Reconstructions were performed at different angular separations between the cameras as well as for varied separation distance between the object and the imaging system. Quantitative analysis of the reconstruction quality of the developed system was performed to study the effectiveness and accuracy of this system in imaging multiphase fields. The effect of varying different system parameters on reconstruction quality has been studied to evaluate the best system configuration for imaging multiphase fields.


Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Award No. FA9550-15-1-0102


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