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Quantum Error Correction in Quantum Field Theory and Gravity

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posted on 2023-07-18, 11:57 authored by Keiichiro FuruyaKeiichiro Furuya

Holographic duality as a rigorous approach to quantum gravity claims that a quantum gravitational system is exactly equal to a quantum theory without gravity in lower spacetime dimensions living on the boundary of the quantum gravitational system. The duality maps key questions about the emergence of spacetime to questions on the non-gravitational boundary system that are accessible to us theoretically and experimentally. Recently, various aspects of quantum information theory on the boundary theory have been found to be dual to the geometric aspects of the bulk theory. In this thesis, we study the exact and approximate quantum error corrections (QEC) in a general quantum system (von Neumann algebras) focused on QFT and gravity. Moreover, we study entanglement theory in the presence of conserved charges in QFT and the multiparameter multistate generalization of quantum relative entropy.


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