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posted on 2023-05-18, 12:41 authored by Behafarid Mohammad JafariBehafarid Mohammad Jafari

 The dramatic improvement in information and communication technology (ICT) has made an evolution in learning management systems (LMS). The rapid growth in LMSs has caused users to demand more advanced, automated, and intelligent services. CourseNetworking is a next-generation LMS adopting machine learning to add personalization, gamification, and more dynamics to the system. This work tries to come up with two recommender systems that can help improve CourseNetworking services. The first one is a social recommender system helping CourseNetworking to track user interests and give more relevant recommendations. Recently, graph neural network (GNN) techniques have been employed in social recommender systems due to their high success in graph representation learning, including social network graphs. Despite the rapid advances in recommender systems performance, dealing with the dynamic property of the social network data is one of the key challenges that is remained to be addressed. In this research, a novel method is presented that provides social recommendations by incorporating the dynamic property of social network data in a heterogeneous graph by supplementing the graph with time span nodes that are used to define users long-term and short-term preferences over time. The second service that is proposed to add to Rumi services is a hashtag recommendation system that can help users label their posts quickly resulting in improved searchability of content. In recent years, several hashtag recommendation methods are proposed and developed to speed up processing of the texts and quickly find out the critical phrases. The methods use different approaches and techniques to obtain critical information from a large amount of data. This work investigates the efficiency of unsupervised keyword extraction methods for hashtag recommendation and recommends the one with the best performance to use in a hashtag recommender system. 


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