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Radar Characteristics Study for the Development of Surrogate Roadside Objects

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posted on 2020-01-16, 19:48 authored by Jun LinJun Lin
Driving safety is a very important topic in vehicle development. One of the biggest threat of driving safety is road departure. Many vehicle active safety technologies have been developed to warn and mitigate road departure in recent years. In order to evaluate the performance of road departure warning and mitigation technologies, the standard testing environment need to be developed. The testing environment shall be standardized to provide consistent and repeatable features in various locations worldwide and in various seasons. The testing environment should also be safe to the vehicle under test in case the safety features do not function well. Therefore, soft, durable and reusable surrogates of roadside objects need to be used. Meanwhile, all surrogates should have the same representative characteristics of real roadside objects to different automotive sensors (e.g. radar, LIDAR and camera). This thesis describes the study on identifying the radar characteristics of common roadside objects, metal guardrail, grass, and concrete divider, and the development of the required radar characteristics of surrogate objects. The whole process is divided into two steps. The fi rst step is to find the proper methods to measure the radar properties of those three roadside objects. The measurement result of each roadside object will be used as the requirement for making its surrogate. The second step is to create the material for developing the surrogate of each roadside object. In the experimental results demonstrate that all three surrogates satisfy their radar characteristics requirements.


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