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Ranking of Android Apps based on Security Evidences

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posted on 2021-01-07, 15:48 authored by Ayush MaharjanAyush Maharjan

With the large number of Android apps available in app stores such as Google Play, it has become increasingly challenging to choose among the apps. The users generally select the apps based on the ratings and reviews of other users, or the recommendations from the app store. But it is very important to take the security into consideration while choosing an app with the increasing security and privacy concerns with mobile apps. This thesis proposes different ranking schemes for Android apps based on security apps evaluated from the static code analysis tools that are available. It proposes the ranking schemes based on the categories of evidences reported by the tools, based on the frequency of each category, and based on the severity of each evidence. The evidences are gathered, and rankings are generated based on the theory of Subjective Logic. In addition to these ranking schemes, the tools are themselves evaluated against the Ghera benchmark. Finally, this work proposes two additional schemes to combine the evidences from difference tools to provide a combined ranking.


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