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Redesigning CATME's Web Interface to Improve User Experience

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posted on 14.05.2019, 15:05 by Youngeun KangYoungeun Kang
CATME (Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness) is a web-based platform that is intended to improve team experiences for students and faculty in higher education. The goal of this study is to redesign the user interface for CATME employing User-centered Design (UCD) framework. The design process consists of four phases: discover, define, develop, and validate. This study examines the current website to discover potential usability problems by conducting different methodology. Then it moves into robust user research to define the user’s pain points need to be addressed to improve user experience. In order to tackle the usability issues, design solutions are created and evaluated with real users. The result of the study is redesigned UI (user interface) for CATME’s three key pages, the homepage, activity wizard, and data dashboard.


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Master of Fine Arts


Visual and Performing Arts

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West Lafayette

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Zhen Yu Qian

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Tong Jin Kim

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Daniel Ferguson

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