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Resilient Operation of Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management: models and theories

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posted on 2022-04-25, 17:12 authored by Jiazhen ZhouJiazhen Zhou

Due to the rapid development of technologies for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS's), the supply and demand market for UAS's is expanding globally. With the great number of UAS's ready to fly in civilian airspace, an UAS aircraft traffic management system that can guarantee the safe, resilient and efficient operation of UAS's is absent. The vast majority of existing literature on UAS traffic lacks of the attention to the fundamental characteristics of UAS operation, which leads to models and methods that are difficult to implement or lacks scalability. Motivated by these challenges, this research aims at achieving three objectives: 1) the proper frameworks that scale well with high-frequency, high-density UAS operations, 2) the models that captures the fundamental characteristics of UAS operations, 3) the methods that can be implemented in practice with guarantees of efficiency, safety, and resilience. In particular, the objectives are studied at low-level UAS traffic congestion control, agent-level UAS configuration control and unknown agent prediction. The proposed frameworks and obtained results offer comprehensive and practical guidelines of real world UAS operations at different levels.


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