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Secure Co-design: Confidentiality Preservation in Online Engineering Collaborations

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posted on 2021-10-12, 13:51 authored by Siva Chaitanya ChaduvulaSiva Chaitanya Chaduvula

Research in engineering design assumes that data flows smoothly among different designers within a product realization process. This assumption is not valid in many scenarios, including when designers partner with a future competitor or when designers search for potential collaborators is hampered by an inability to share sensitive data. This information asymmetry among designers has an adverse effect on the outcomes of the product realization process. Designers need a secure yet collaborative design process that enables them to overcome these information-related risks borne from collaborators participating in their product realization process. Existing cryptographic techniques aimed at overcoming these risks are computationally intensive, making them unsuitable for heavy engineering computations such as finite element analysis (FEA). FEA is a widely used computation technique in several engineering applications, including structural analysis, heat transfer, and fluid flow. In this work, we developed a new approach, secure finite element analysis (sFEA), using which designers can perform their analysis without revealing their confidential design data to anyone, including their design collaborators even though the computed answer depends on confidential inputs from all the collaborators. sFEA is a secure, scalable, computationally lightweight, and cloud-compatible. In addition to sFEA, we developed prototypes and demonstrated that the computational framework within sFEA is general enough to be applied to different stages of the product realization process.


Computing without Revealing: A Cryptographic Approach to eProcurement

United States Department of the Navy

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CPS: Synergy: Foundations of Cyber-Physical Infrastructure for Creative Design and Making of Cyber-physical Products

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