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Self-Heating Effect Alleviation for post-Moore Era Channel Materials

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posted on 2022-10-25, 20:03 authored by Pai-Ying LiaoPai-Ying Liao

As the miniaturization of the transistors in integrated circuits approaches the atomic scale limit, novel materials with exceptional performance are desired. Moreover, to conduct enough current with an ultrathin and small-scale body, high drain current density is preferably required. Nevertheless, devices may suffer seriously from self-heating effect (SHE) with high drain bias and current if the generated heat cannot be dissipated efficiently. In this thesis, we introduce two material systems and several techniques to accomplish the demand without SHE. Tellurium, as a van der Waals material composed by atomic helical chains, is able to realize its one-dimensional structure. We illustrate that the cross-sectional current density of 150 MA/cm2 is achieved through boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) encapsulation without SHE due to the superior thermal conductivity of BN. With the nanotube encapsulation technique applied, one-dimensional tellurium nanowire transistors with diameter down to 2 nm are realized as well, and single tellurium atomic chain is isolated. Furthermore, atomic-layer-deposited indium oxide (In2O3) as thin-film transistors exhibit even better current carrying capacity. Through co-optimization of their electrical and thermal performance, drain current up to 4.3 mA/μm is achieved with a 1.9-nm-thick body without SHE. The alleviation of SHE is due to a) the high thermal conductivity of the substrate assisting on efficiently dissipating the generated thermal energy, b) SHE avoidance with short-pulse measurement, and c) interface engineering between the channel stack and the substrate. These two material systems may be the solid solution to the desire of high current density transistors in the post-Moore era.


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