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Sexuality on Standbi: Consequences of Bierasure in Different-Gendered Relationships

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posted on 2020-05-04, 16:50 authored by Sierra S SteinSierra S Stein

This study aimed to examine the effects of bierasure in relationships using measures of self-esteem, relationship satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction, and to explore social expectations as a possible predictor of bierasure. Bierasure is the exclusion of bisexuality, whether in research, media, social contexts, historical works, and common discussion of sexuality. At the time of this research, there are no published measures of bierasure, which is an experience unique to bisexual individuals and has been linked to worsened mental health outcomes. Using basic scale development techniques, the researchers developed the Experiences of Bierasure Scale (EBES) for use in this study to test the desired relationships using a pilot study to begin to identify scale structure. Structural equation modeling was used to examine the above constructs in relation to each other from data gathered from bisexual-identified adults via an online questionnaire. Results suggest complicated relationships between bierasure and other constructs, with the EBES appearing as a stable questionnaire. While the overall theoretical model showed few significant results related to bierasure and was not a good fit for the data, there were several significant correlations between EBES factors, social expectations, self-esteem, relationship satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction. These results imply that bierasure plays an important role in the matrix of social interactions, but the exact structure of those relationships is unclear.


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