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Strategies for Teaching Mathematics to High School Students with Mild Disabilities

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posted on 2021-04-26, 23:57 authored by Kimberly J KamlerKimberly J Kamler
Many high school math teachers are not trained for teaching students with mild disabilities. Math curriculum is not typically developed with the needs of students with mild disabilities in mind. Teachers may not be aware of the unique barriers for students with mild disabilities, and strategies to help them master mathematics. The purpose of this study was to identify research-based techniques used by general education and special education teachers for teaching math to high school students with mild disabilities. The study also investigated teachers’ perceptions of and willingness to implement specific strategies to teach math skills to students with mild disabilities. Academic research articles were reviewed to identify strategies. A survey was taken by nine high school general education and five special education teachers who teach math. The results showed a reasonable degree of knowledge, experience, and positive perceptions of evidence-based strategies, especially co-teaching. There were significant differences between the responses of teachers with math teaching licenses compared to those with special education licenses. Based on the existing literature and the survey results, a handbook of resources was created for teachers of secondary math classes to support learning for students with mild disabilities.


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