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Student Voice in School-Based and SNS-Delivered Sex Education

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posted on 2019-12-06, 21:36 authored by Tanisha L WatkinsTanisha L Watkins
Student voice could improve the effectiveness of sex education curricula, student input, however, is generally limited or totally absent in sex education development. This dissertation explores student content preferences in sex education curricula and how school officials can incorporate student feedback to ensure content is relevant, relatable, and reliable. Results also show that adolescents are in favor of receiving social media-delivered sex education from local health departments. To build an adolescent following and greater awareness about SNS accounts that disseminate sex education, participants suggested LHDs 1) inform intended audiences about products by building offline connections 2) use promotions to create awareness 3) emphasize price during giveaways, publicize free services and 4) use the right people to motivate others to follow accounts.


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