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Superintendent Perceptions of Open Enrollment Transfer Policies In Indiana after Fourteen Years of Implementation

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posted on 2022-10-28, 19:32 authored by Sean Raymond GaliherSean Raymond Galiher

School choice has expanded during the modern school choice movement and students in Indiana can now choose from several school options including public schools, charter schools, virtual schools, or participate in the Indiana Choice Scholarships program and attend a parochial school. The potential for increased educational stratification across different demographic groups is a concern amongst policy makers and stakeholders committed to providing equitable access to educational opportunities for all. This phenomenological qualitative case study examined how seven superintendents perceive the impact of open enrollment policy in Indiana. Individual semi-structured interviews were conducted with each superintendent. Four emergent themes were identified: (1) student enrollment and financial instability, (2) marketing and program advancement, (3) meeting student needs, and (4) increased diversity. The results of this study provide a unique perspective of seven practicing superintendents and the effects of open enrollment policy.  


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