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Synthesis and Electrical Behavior of VO2 Thin Films Grown on SrRuO3 Electrode Layers

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posted on 2022-06-17, 16:06 authored by Chengyang ZhangChengyang Zhang


In this study, VO2 films were grown on conducting oxide SrRuO3 layers. Apart from applications in magnetism, SrRuO3 is a widely studied template material to create multi-functional oxide heterostructures. Here, SrRuO3 buffered SrTiO3 (111) and Si/SiO2 were selected as platforms for VO2 growth. The properties of VO2 thin films grown on SrRuO3 buffer layers, as well as thermally and electric-field induced metal-insulator transition were systematically studied. Numerous growth experiments were conducted to identify the optimal growth conditions. Utilizing the current shunting associated with the conductive underlayer, electric-field induced metal-insulator transition was investigated in both the in-plane and out-of-plane configurations. A distributed resistance network with general applicability to understanding metal-insulator transitions is proposed to predict the electrical behavior of VO2 grown on conducting layers.


Center for 3D Ferroelectric Microelectronics

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